The story of my old Audi

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When I was a student, I had a lot of time and needed something that could make this time more exciting. I was looking for the” all wheel drive” car. Subaru was expensive so I chose Audi. The ultimate goal was to have Audi Coupe Quattro (Typ85). Unfortunately I could afford only Audi 80/90 (4000) quattro (Typ85).  Bought few cars from the different parts of the country, fixed them and sold and finally found “the one” in my home town, near by :)   The car was Audi 90 quattro build 1985 with 2.3 petrol engine, four wheel drive, ABS, electric windows and A/C!!!


Used it for a daily driving and participated in some time attack races. Unfortunately I have crashed it on the race track :( It was the time that I decided to fix the car modifying it. Better brakes, suspension and engine.

I have rebuilt it keeping in mind that It will stay a daily driven car. Also I liked the idea of the “sleeper” car. It had to look normal outside and be a monster inside :)

The Engine management :)

I sold this car. I hope I’ll have a new project someday.

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