Nightshift fun (e02)

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I was working late again. Not sure what was the weather outside, the only thing I saw is a monitor. Nobody was in the office right now. Some random online radio was playing in my headphones. I coded on the fly. This means that I left a lot of mistakes behind. I was going to fix them later, because my goal was to empty the bucket of the ideas – my head. I do not get them a lot that often J

I was deeply in the coding and did not see the security guard that appeared nearby. He complained something about an alarm system and me. I knew that I had to go and tell him that I would stay late, so would not trigger the alarm… again… “Sorry”… He left. I continued to code…

The time passed slowly and I had lost the sense of it. Strangely the security guard appeared again. He was arguing again, but this time I was unable to understand him. Some loud noise in my head was blocking any thoughts. I noticed the green notebook with the eyes closed silver skull on the front cover that the guard had in his hands. And I remembered…

“93 nights of hell”- I screamed and punched the guard in the head. He was too surprised to do anything back. I grabbed the notebook and said “this time I’ll draw the dream”…

All this was so weir that I could not believe that it has happened. I just remembered the words of my grandma: “if you see the green notebook with eyes closed silver skull on it, don’t think, grab it shouting the key words. They mean that you know who is in front of you and what happened long time ago“.  According to the grandma it is a spirit of the night who creates a horror dream for those who stay late.

This spirit made a mistake, drawing the horror dream for the priest who was serving an important mass all the night. As a punishment it had to serve 93 nights in its own nightmares.

Time stopped… The guard rose and sat in front of me… We started to negotiate…

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