Nightshift fun (e01)

Categories Fiction, Fun

It is nice looking evening – sky is a little bit cloudy and sunlight is slowly fading away. I am working late. Too much annoying things in my mind and I do not want to keep them till tomorrow. I have to solve them now.

The sugar from the drink keeps me up and slowly drains the focus. It is getting harder to code, I am making too much mistakes and spend too much time fixing them.

Suddenly the view in the window became dark, as it was covered by something very large. I have looked outside and my heart stopped for a few seconds. There was a huge face covered with a muscle tattoos on it looking down from the clouds. It was so big, that five stories houses looked like match boxes compared to it.

I have jumped from my chair, spilling everything from the table on the floor. It was just a short horrifying dream… I have to stop watching anime “Attack on Titans” …

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