Why my blog EXM you might ask…

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Why my blog has EXM in it, you might ask…
Well there is short story behind it.

During my school computers and internet started to evolve quickly (i am not that old but still…) and i become interested in computer science.
I have started to learn programing, then fancy “flash” technologies appeared. I and couple of my friends found it very fun and easy to learn to do flash animations, we did for fun and one day we thought to do it for business. (may be i will put some of my old flash stuff some time later) We started to look for a clients and did found some. First page we ware paid for was http://www.leida.lt/ and still is active. We have made couple more websites but then we have lost interest in web design. During that time our home page was www.exm.lt EXM stand for – Ex menininkai (ex artists in EN).

www.exm.lt symbolizes period of time then i have made decision that i want to relate all my life and carrier around IT. Being a bit nostalgic i have chosen to keep this name/site as a reference to my personal blog.


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